Oneness Meditation: The Magic of Human Being


by Le Na

The universe is the combination of units. Each of us who lives in this world is a unit. We are all connect to one another. Sometimes, we forget this connection. When a child is born, he or she receives a lot of love from family, relatives and neighbors through hugs, kisses, sweet words and eyes containing full of love. The child will show his or her happiness by smiling or laughing. When a child becomes an adult, sometimes, he or she forgets to give or receive love and happiness. Instead, sometimes, an adult looks at others like strangers. He or she spends time for disappointment, anger, hatred, stress, etc. which are the main reasons of unhappiness. Unfortunately, we create this unhappiness by ourselves. To stop the unhappiness, we need to reconnect to one another. Instead of being just receivers, let’s become givers of understanding, compassion, love and happiness. All these can be experienced in the oneness meditation.

What is oneness?
Oneness is the unity of the whole universe including every creature, thought, feeling, belief, aim…; oneness is existing as the solitary in types or characteristics; oneness is the union.
There is one Sanskrit shloka, in English which means “You see you in everybody and see everybody in you, it is oneness.”

Method of oneness meditation
There are many methods for oneness mediation. In this article, however, I am going to refer only one method that I experienced and realized its effects.

A group of people preferably with different genders, ages, countries and religions, sit in a circle hand in hand. Legs are straight forward and feet are in the center of the circle.

Step 1: Close your eyes, keep your spine straight and body relaxed; focus on the third eye (ajna chakra) which is at the middle of your 2 eyebrows. In any case, keep hand in hand. Inhale, raise your body and your hands up, hold in 3-5 seconds . Then exhale, the body and hands go down simultaneously; your forehead touches your knee and your hands are on the floor. Remember to keep your spine straight, body relaxed and focus on the third eye. Observe your body, your energy, your mind. Repeat 10 times. The last time, when you exhale hold the posture in 1 minute to 5 minutes.

Step 2: Slowly lie down on the mats. Bend one knee, put it near your body. Your arms and hands will be straight over your head. It will seem like you are hugging the mother earth. Remember to stay hand in hand during the all meditation session.

How does it happen?
The kindness of each person in the circle can be appeared inside you. You can feel their hearts. Your love, your happiness and your energy are transferred to all people in the circle through your hands. The love, happiness and energy of everyone are running in the circle and they are multiplied. You can feel the energy flow between your hand and your friends’ hands. Your sorrowfulness, your suffering (if any) will be healed. Besides, if you have any pain or diseases, they may also be relieved. In my case, after the oneness meditation, my back pain was disappeared.

The world will be much more brighter if each of us would be a giver of understanding, compassion, love and happiness.

Guidance and Lecture of Dr. Omanand (Guruji) on Oneness Meditation, Paramanad Institute of Yoga Science and Research , July 2014 (

Photo by Dr. Venkataraman Nilakant 

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