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hatha yoga

science of yoga which purifies the whole physical body by means of shatkarma, asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha and concentration Hathayoga Pradipika: Treatise on yoga compiled in the 12th century by the sage Svatmarama

hasti हस्ती

elephant baleṣu hastibalādīnī (Yoga Sutra III-24) “Samyama (meditation) on the strengths, awaken the strengths similar to an elephant.”

hāna / hana हान

killing off completely removal, withdrawal to escape, to relinquish to eliminate, to separate hānam-eṣāṁ kleśavad-uktam (Yoga Sutra IV-28) “These preconceptions are eliminated as kleshas (spiritual burdens) as said.”


means to an end, solution for the end viveka-khyātir-aviplavā hānopāyaḥ (Yoga Sutra II-26) “The capacity to make distinctions (viveka) and uninterrupted insight form the path to clarity of ignorance.”


that is all, thus, subsequently, completed, end tārakaṁ sarva-viṣayaṁ sarvathā-viṣayam-akramaṁ-ceti vivekajaṁ jñānam (Yoga Sutra III-54) “Vivek Gyana (The Supreme Knowledge born as awareness) transcends the world and knower of all objects and processes, all...

itara इतर

different, otherwise, the one itaretara: one for the others, one another śabdārtha-pratyayāmām-itaretarādhyāsāt-saṁkaraḥ tat-pravibhāga-saṁyamāt sarvabhūta-ruta-jñānam (Yoga Sutra III-17) “Word, meaning and knowledge are interconnected in a complicated manner in the mind. In Samyam on distinction, the...

īśvara / ishvara ईश्वर

supreme lord, God, a personal God, supreme ideal being, higher energy ishvara pranidhana: surrender to God, devotion to God; accepting one’s fate īśvara-praṇidhānād-vā (Yoga Sutra I-23) “Whoever surrenders to Ishvara also attains success.” kleśa...

ishta इष्ट

loved, sought out, cherished ishtadevata: cherished divine being devata: godliness, personal God, ideal svādhyāyād-iṣṭa-devatā saṁprayogaḥ (Yoga Sutra II-44) “Self reflection (svadhyaya) brings divinity in the life.”

indriya इन्द्रिय

sense organs, organs of perception, sensual energy kāyendriya-siddhir-aśuddhi-kṣayāt tapasaḥ (Yoga Sutra II-43) “Self discipline (tapas) destroys impurities and supernatural powers of the body that awaken the senses.” indriyajayah: the mastery of the sensual energy...

ida nadi

one of the main energy channels running on the left side of the spine from the mooladhara (base) chakra to the ajna chakra in the head